Blue Bathtub Water


Water is a reflection of the sky and thus why blue. Higher risk of liver problems and kidney disease.

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This is a complex problem that at elevated levels of copper can have health implications.

Blue bathtub water. If it is there are a number of causes. As for people saying water is actually blue it isn t. Or go to lowes or depot and buy a water softener.

Blue usually means copper in the water. Even if your copper pipes weren t the culprit it s always helpful to prevent the issue in the first place and continue with investigations. Yes green or blueish bath water can be harmful to your body.

Delphine 19 who has a global following 4 2 million on. Notice of this situation occurs and concern generally arises when it causes a slight blue or green discoloration in the water or more commonly on surfaces that come in contact with the water such as plumbing fixtures. Is there lead in my water plus it s well water.

It is caused by the release of copper from copper pipes into the water. And if humans absorb too much copper either via skin inhalation or ingestion it can cause. Copper pipes corrode as they age and release agents into the water turning it blue.

The water in my bath is mainly clear but i can detect a slight bluish tinge if i fill it quite full this is probably due to the way light is refracted as it enters and leaves the surface of the water meaning that more light in the blue part of the spectrum arrives at my eye. My waters turns my bath tub blue. This kind of process releases dangerous amounts of residual copper that may poison your water supply.

Blue or green water is caused by the corrosion of internal copper piping. There are a number of processes that can cause this discoloration and staining two of them much more common than the others. Generally the water discolouration is accompanied by a metallic taste.

Not good for the. Why is the sky blue then people ask. Belle delphine the social media star and so called gamer girl made headlines this week for selling her used bath water online.

Low ph acidic water high tds do and co2 content hot water. Call a water softening company. Well water that has a blue green tint usually means your home s water has excessive levels of copper.

Improper grounding of the electrical service can cause copper corrosion and blue water causing electrolytic dissolution of copper sometimes referred to as blue water syndrome. Softened water will remove the calcium in the water and make the wash water and in particular your bath tub clear. A water test for copper will tell if it is the cause.

Chemically i know copper sulfate when disolved in water is blue but actual copper particles i doubt are blue though not 110 sure.

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