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Extremely wide beams can be manufactured by laying boards of different widths side by side and reversing each. The advantages of glued laminated timber glued laminated timber is one the most important advantage is low shrinkage of the constructed frame.

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Versatile glulam can be used for almost any type of structure.

Glulam advantages. Advantages benefits of glulam locally available environmentally sustainable material the first and most obvious benefit of glulam is that its main component timber grows out of the ground and does not need to be mined and subjected to the high energy demand manufacturing processes that steel and cement require. Glulam has been used extensively for decades for commercial and residential projects. Thanks to its high load capacity and low weight glulam allows you to cover large areas with small components.

Laminated boards have better mechanical strength than other materials resistance to rot and burn. Advantages of glulam large spans with the same load bearing capacity glulam is lighter than steel. Glulam beams are very efficient to produce.

Glulam s popular because it s. Advantage of glulam timber. The first and most obvious benefit of glulam is that its main factor timber grows out of the ground and does not need to be mined and exposed to the high energy demand manufacturing procedures that steel and cement require it has a flexibility of shape and size.

The high load bearing capacity with lower dead weight allows tight dimensioning of the components. The energy required to produce a glue laminated beam from the log is only a fraction of the energy required to produce steel or concrete. Glulam has superior earthquake resilience and greater resistance to fire than any other structural construction material.

Before gluing the timber blanks are thoroughly dry in the camera which reduces their moisture content to 12. It is perfect for long beam and curved designs that also provide strength with beauty. Flexibility of shape and size.

Curved glulam is manufactured by bending the laminated boards before they are bonded together with adhesives clamped and cured. It can cover sections of up to 100. One of the greatest advantages of glulam is that it can be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes.

This allows you to immediately begin decorating the walls of the house. Aside from the fact that glulam creates opportunities for architects contractors and hobby carpenters to create small and large constructions it is also a sustainable choice for the future. Glulam is usually known as the new steel mostly because of its moldability and high strength properties.

Benefits of choosing glulam warm looking atmospheric glulam is the popular alternative to cold concrete and steel. Due to its specialty every constructor likes it.

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