How To Shut Off Water To Bathtub


Your hot water heater should be okay just turn the gas or power off then turn off the the valve to the water heater and you will be fine. Turn them off individually and turn your tub faucet on each time.

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Take off the shower tub face plate and check to see if there are screw drive stops where the water comes in if so just turn them off.

How to shut off water to bathtub. This will cut off the water to the fixture. To turn the water supply off give a gate valve a few turns clockwise until you can t turn it any longer. Go to your basement or crawlspace and look for any shut off valves.

Hopefully one of these will stop the water flow to the tub. Turning the water off at the water heater when a hot water pipe is leaking or if you need to repair or replace a water heater there are shut off valves located near your water heater. If you don t have these stops you have to turn off the water to the house.

Go to the main water valve and shut it off that will stop all. How do i shut off water to my bathtub that is leaking from the faucet and into the wall behind the bathtub. Now that you ve cut off the main water line you can head over to the bathroom and start working on the shower.

Using a screwdriver remove the screw keeping either the shower handle or the knob together. Working in the shower. Make sure it is completely loose enough for you to get it out.

To find the shut off for a water heater look for a water cutoff valve directly above the heater on a connected pipe. A cold water inlet valve often identified by a blue handle feeds cold water from the main supply into the water heater. If there are screws there turn them clockwise to shut them off.

There is no access panel so do i have to tear out the sheetrock to access it. I ignored the trickle leak from the back of the faucet where it meets the tile but now have noticed that the wall behind the tub has water damage and mold. For ball valves turn the lever clockwise 90 degrees.

A water heater has two shut off valves. If you don t see any screws there you will have to shut off the main. 2 turn the valve clockwise.

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