Installing A Bathtub When No Room For A P Trap


We initially show the p trap bac. Mark the point where the top of the pipe intersects the stack.

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Learn step by step instructions to install your bathroom p trap.

Installing a bathtub when no room for a p trap. Dearborn plastic 1 1 4 tubular p traps with threaded adapter are manufactured of polypropy. The trick is when the plumber came today to install the p trap there was not enough room. However i may be able to cut a hole in my laundry room ceiling to make the final drain tie in.

Then attach the drain to the new tub and connect the overflow drain. Install a trap with no room for a p trap. I also put in a danze corsair faucet and pop up assembly.

Next set the tub in place and secure it to the studs using the vertical lip around the outside of it. To install a bathtub start by installing a 2 by 4 inch ledger board to the length of the wall that the long edge of the tub will be against. Unfortunately the drain pipe runs right on top of the drywall for the finished ceiling below.

I have 4 inches from the wall to the center of the drain assemb. I m about ready to install a kohler bancroft tub 60 32 with kohlers pureflo drain system. Here we show you how to perform your plumbing p trap installation when the bathroom sink drain doesn t line up.

Turns out the previous owner had put a drum trap in upside down so there is no trap for our tub. Is there any way that we can successfully put in a trap without having to lower the ceiling below. I have no access to tie in my drain to the 2 p trap.

If the waste line is. Great info and video. Cut into the waste stack on the mark and install a sanitary tee with a 1 1 2 inch inlet that faces the p trap.

It looked like steve did something similar to tie drain into the p trap. I have installed a duravit handwashing basin 19 1 2 inch length and 10 1 4 inch wide.

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